Willie’s Superbrew Creates New Beverage Category

Willie's Superbrew

Farmer Willie’s Craft Ginger Beer has rebranded as Willie’s Superbrew to create an entirely new category for the alcoholic beverage industry. The redesigned Superbrew has a new name and a new look, and it’s a cross between hard cider and spiked seltzer, made with all-natural, real ingredients at the Guild in Pawtucket. Two flavors, sparkling ginger and lemon and the new sparkling pomegranate and acai, combine superfoods in a refreshing drink that’s perfect for summertime sipping.

The ginger and lemon flavor is basically the same recipe as Willie’s first foray into the business, except the brew substitutes turmeric for nutmeg, giving it an earthy complexity that complements the ginger with additional antioxidant benefits.

“When we started out, we knew we had a good story and a product that tastes really good, but then we realized we could build a totally new category for beverages,” says Nico Enriquez, founder and CEO of Willie’s Superbrew. “Superbrew stands for superfoods plus fermentation. We’re making an alternative to beer that contains superfoods; it’s light, it’s clean, it has fewer calories than wine and it has transparency because all of the ingredients are listed right on the can.”

The beverage is for the casual imbiber looking for an alternative to beer and wine. “There are people who drink beer, and there are people who don’t,” says Enriquez. “There are people who want a social drink that’s lower in alcohol so they can have more volume, rather than having to make a cocktail or have a glass of wine.”

Willie’s Superbrew is 4.5 percent ABV, and all ingredients are printed on the cans, so you know exactly what you’re drinking. The pomegranate and acai superbrew is made with only pomegranate, acai, lemon juice and cane sugar. The idea for the alcoholic beverages relates to the popularity of flavored seltzers on the market, except these drinks have all natural ingredients.

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