PVD: The Tastes of Summer

By Grace Lentini

By Grace Lentini

Some matchups are eternal. Which hot weiner place is the most authentic? Is it gravy or sauce? This month we asked the PM staff which frozen lemonade tasted more like summer: Del’s or Mr. Lemon? Like good Rhode Islanders, we each had plenty of opinions.

Mr. Lemon – 32 Hawkins Street

“I’ve always thought of myself as strictly a Del’s fan, but after trying Mr Lemon’s Tutti Fruti you might consider me a converted Lemonhead. There are no chunks of lemon rind you have to worry about when gulping it down.”

“It’s like a more traditional Italian ice, with a creamier texture and a slightly more fruity flavor. It is like a soft and light sorbet.”

“It’s nice to drink a frozen lemonade you don’t have to chew. Because the ice size is so small, you can focus on the flavors, which aren’t too sweet and harmonize brilliantly.”

“There are two types of people when it comes to the great Del’s vs. Mr. Lemon debate: people who prefer Mr. Lemon and people who are wrong. Maybe that’s unfair, but if you didn’t grow up in Providence/North Providence you may have never tried it. Mr. Lemon has a more consistent texture and is less watery. They also have the superior selection of flavors. Plus, Joe and his family are the nicest people, it’s a true family-run institution.”

Del’s – Locations in Providence, Smithfield, Cumberland and East Providence. Dels.com

“Del’s is my favorite non-alcoholic, it’s-finally-summertime drink.”

“Del’s is tradition. It brings me back to the days when I came down to the beaches as a kid and we couldn’t wait to get a Del’s after a day at Scarborough Beach. It really hit the spot when you were baking in the sun all day.”

“Del’s is a classic Rhode Island summer flavor. Nobody’s making beer about Mr. Lemon.”

“The consistency of the ice combined with that perfectly tart sweetness (or sweet tartness) of lemon is why Del’s is the official taste of summer. Even a brain freeze from Del’s feels good.”

“It’s not too sweet, and is always refreshing. The crushed ice makes it nice and drinkable, and the little bits of lemon rind are my jam.”

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