Pro Cooking Tips from 16 of NYC’s Best Restaurant Chefs

From freezing peas to pickling everything, the sharpest cooking tips from 16 of the restaurant chefs who rocked the Edible Schoolyard NYC spring benefit.

Last night’s Edible Schoolyard NYC Spring Benefit left us full, happy, and inspired. In addition to getting amped up about spring (morel mushrooms and asparagus are, apparently, where it’s at), we left wanting learn from the chefs about how we could make their style food at home. So we asked them: How can we cook your food, in our homes? Turns out, they’re not just great cooks—they’re fantastic teachers as well.

Edible Schoolyard 1083
Daniel Krieger

“Try using toasted nuts and seeds—like the savory granola we made for our lobster salad—as a garnish. Spice blends like dukkah are also a good place to start.” —Michael Anthony, Gramercy Tavern

The Dish: Lobster salad with spinach and savory granola

Edible Schoolyard 1100
Daniel Krieger

“We buy fresh peas, shuck them, blanch them, and then freeze them. We keep them all year long so that when spring comes we can use them in soup. They are a burst of flavor and remind everyone of spring!” —Gavin Kaysen, Cafe Boulud

The Dish: Soupe de petitspois: onion soubise, jambon de Paris, pea shoot

Edible Schoolyard 11501
Daniel Krieger

“You have to shop well. Buy good ingredients. And don’t go beyond your skill set—you’re going to want to be able to socialize.” —Jonathan Benno, Lincoln Ristorante

The Dish: Biscotti

Brad Shows Off His Sous Vide

Edible Schoolyard 1088
Daniel Krieger

“My style of food is not that scary—I don’t use chemicals or crazy ingredients you can’t find. And we pickle a ton, like pineapple. You can pickle just about anything. It adds a layer of acidity and brightness, and you can leave it in the fridge forever.” —Joaquin Baca, Brooklyn Star


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