Bacon-Wrapped Pork Roast



I love this time of the year! I really do. But let’s be honest here for a minute. Holidays can get a little pull-your-hair-out nerve wrecking at times. There is seriously so much to do. From festive decorations to pretty Christmas cards. From crazy gifts shopping to attending (and organizing) numerous parties. And for each party I have to worry about a cute dress, matching shoes, fancy hair-do, perfect makeup, shiny nails…I’m hyperventilating just writing it down.

So how about for this year let’s try and take it easy?!? Let’s keep it all simple. Starting from wearing my favorite little black dress with glittery lip gloss (sparkling lips can go a long way!) and planning a holiday meal that will wow my friends and family, but that’s easy, quick and stress-free. All at the same time. Who is with me?!?

My scrumptious pork roast perfectly pairs with this deep and rich 2016 Santa Cristina Rosso Toscana. With its delicate notes of cherries and ripe red fruit and its subtle balsamic sensations of Merlot, this wine is ideal with hearty and flavorful meat dishes.

The fruity finish and aftertaste brings out the smokey aroma of the bacon and the spices added to the pork roast.

Now, let’s talk pork for a minute. For this recipe I use two pieces of boneless pork tenderloin, wrapped tightly together with bacon.

Tenderloin is a classic roasting choice, easy and not expensive. It’s a lean cut with not much fat (fat is normally the most flavorful part of the meat). So to increase the flavor and to keep the roast juicy.

Please note, baking times varies based on the size of your pork loin. You don’t want to cook it too little (ewww) and not too much (or it will dry out). 

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