Mouthwatering Miami Latin Cuisine


Get a taste of Latin America in Miami.

Miami’s food culture is strongly associated with Cuba, but in reality Miami is a true melting pot of Latin American cuisine ranging from the Caribbean to Central America to South America. Each of these regions and the countries within them bring their own special recipes to the table and their food is found in restaurants throughout the city. With such diversity, oftentimes these flavors intermingle to create a fusion of Latin American food that can only be found in Miami.

Cuban Cuisine & Little Havana
The heart of Miami’s Cuban community is found in Little Havana where classic restaurants like Versailles are found amidst fruterias (fruit stands), bakeries and ventanitas (little windows) for café con leches and pastelitos (pastries) on the go. Cuban cuisine is largely influenced by its Spanish forebears, as well as the native Taíno people and Afro-Cuban culture, which bring a hit of spicy, savory criollo flavor to its dishes.

Traditional Cuban cuisine falls into a few different categories. First, there’s Cuban coffee. Made of strong espresso, lots of sugar and steamed milk, Cuban coffee provides an addictively sweet jolt of energy. You can order yours in a variety of sizes and styles: café con leche is similar to a latte, a cortadito is a smaller, stronger version and coladas are extremely potent and meant to be shared. You’ll find windows serving Cuban coffee throughout Miami where you can pair it with a sweet or savory pastelito. These range from croquetas to empanadas to guava and cheese pastries.

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